Nike has come up with a new video for the Uefa Euro cup here it is! Looks really cool and it has a quite funny ending.

As you may all know the Euro Cup 2012 is about to start with 08/06/2012 being the date of the first kick off. The tournament ends 01-07-2013 with my prediction going to England winning, but that's because my favorite players play there. Also going to support other countries that people consider under dogs which makes it a bit more interesting to watch. The group of death is group B with Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Denmark. Which will be really interesting to watch. Only 2 can go through so it will be a fight between all this great countries. We are about to watch some great football!

GROUP A:  Poland, Greece, Russia, CZECH Republic
GROUP B:  Netherlands, Germany,  Portugal,  Denmark

GROUP C:  Spain, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Croatia

GROUP D:  England, France, Sweden, Ukraine

For more on the Euro Cup 2012 look go to their main website.

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