Nike has come up with a new video for the Uefa Euro cup here it is! Looks really cool and it has a quite funny ending.

As you may all know the Euro Cup 2012 is about to start with 08/06/2012 being the date of the first kick off. The tournament ends 01-07-2013 with my prediction going to England winning, but that's because my favorite players play there. Also going to support other countries that people consider under dogs which makes it a bit more interesting to watch. The group of death is group B with Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Denmark. Which will be really interesting to watch. Only 2 can go through so it will be a fight between all this great countries. We are about to watch some great football!

GROUP A:  Poland, Greece, Russia, CZECH Republic
GROUP B:  Netherlands, Germany,  Portugal,  Denmark

GROUP C:  Spain, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Croatia

GROUP D:  England, France, Sweden, Ukraine

For more on the Euro Cup 2012 look go to their main website.
I am really happy to see the new jersey for the 2012-2013 season from our new sponsor Warrior Football. At first I was a bit worried about losing Adidas, but I have realized we are better off with a new sponsor giving us more money and actually giving us kits different then Chelsea. Anyways the Jersey looks really cool only problem is that it has the 96 detailed on it. The families didn't know about this until now. Hopefully they will settle it down since we all know it will take for ever to be able to decide in things like this. In my opinion the tragedy is what keeps us together as fans and it is nice that they care about it and actually mention it. Also you can see the other side of the coin that they are trying to make money out of this.